Hi There
Hey there! I'm Tamara Lance, an experienced Illustrator and Designer from the gorgeous upstate region of South Carolina. I've been into art since I was a little kid and started scribbling with crayons. As I got older, I got really fascinated by how art and technology come together, which led me to my awesome career in illustration and design.
One thing that totally brings me joy is creating surface pattern designs. I get inspired by nature and my patterns are all about enchantment and playfulness. But that's not all—I also put my creativity into illustration art. I love cute stuff and things that are a little bit offbeat. My illustrations are all about making people smile and sparking their imaginations. 
Through my work, my goal is to bring some magic and warmth into people's lives. Each project I do is about creating art that not only looks great but also makes you feel something and tells a story.
Thanks for checking out my creative world! 
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